autojump : More power to your shell

Today I concerned about a better (quicker) way to changing directories on bash. Basicly all I need was a dynamic shortcut for my most recent directories. Searched on apt-cache for “shell directories” and found autojump. It’s even better than what I was looking for. Strongly recommended for all shell users :)

For project source and more detailed docs go to

autojump provides a faster way to navigate your filesystem, with a
"cd command that learns".
It works by maintaining a database of the directories you use the most from
the command line, and allows you to "jump" to frequently used directories by
typing only a small pattern.
To use autojump, you need to configure your shell to source
/usr/share/autojump/ on startup.

Load autojump:

. /usr/share/autojump/

Jump to a previously visited directory `foobar':

j foo

Show all database entries and their respective key weights: