Grooveshark vs Spotify

OK, I know Grooveshark is evil bad boy of online musicboxes because they are pirates who are not paying to Artists etc… But the thing is, they are still in business and they have;
- A really good user interface which blended with nice feature set.
- Comprehensive song archive, even contains rare recordings of local artists.
- User broadcasts which are evolutionary if not revolutionary!
- Music oriented diverse social community.

I was paid member of Grooveshark for at least 4 years and was very happy with them. Unfortunately they are blocked here in Turkey for a long time and after I’ve upgraded my phone to latest Android version (4.4), I hadn’t found a way to change the DNS settings to unblock them. I’ve asked for help from them with no success. So I decided to give Spotify a chance and subscribed to their premium membership.

Spotify is architecturally really good piece of code. A music machine that works fast and plays instantly. But when it comes to overall experience, they really suck!

- Device integration and sync is wonderful.
- Discover page provides nice suggestions but it’s not possible to say “hide this or show more like this” other than playing them.
- UI is realy unintuitive. It’s primarily working based on playlist concept but even that feature doesn’t feels like a first class citizen. I’ll list more weirdness when I have time, but for now I can say that Spotify really need better UI/UX experts to lead their awesome developers!
- Social features just made up of FB. I prefer interacting with a music oriented community.
- Local (Turkish) music collection is inadequate. Even some legendary artist’s most albums are missing.